Ruth's Gardens is about waking up to birdsong, breathing in the fresh country air, wandering over the dew with that first cuppa and easing into the working day...

....aaaahh, it all sounds so serene and perfect....but it's not all sunshine and daisies and that's what I'm you will not only find inspiration, success stories, recipes and evidence of bountiful harvests but also the flip side and challenges of living, and running a business on a "block of life".

My Story

It all started in 2014 when I decided our little block would be my new workplace so I could focus on the true joy of being a stay home mum while putting my ever-improving gardening skills to good use.  So, the Ruth's Gardens Microgreens business began.

Not everyone has the luxury (or desire) to roll this way but it means my husband and I can work as the ultimate team, resulting in a balanced, healthy home life that works for us. I am happy in my own company (as long as good coffee isn't too far away) and I'm at my best with gumboots on and hands in the soil.

In 2015 the business diversified with the development of "grow your own microgreen workshops" held on our block and in 2016 another exciting chapter of the story began to unfold.  A "seed" that was planted over four years ago is now growing into an exciting reality and produce from Ruth's Gardens is making it's way from my plot onto some very fine dining plates.  Check out Paris Butter - you'll really want to book a table!

Ultimately though, it's all about honoring the memory of my amazing mum and dad as they inspire me to 'keep it real' which motivates me to share the best and worst with anyone who's interested in our amazing "block of life".